8 07 2011

Okay, not a very good Cookie Monster impersonation but this no sugar or alcohol thing is HARD!  And for the record, I could care less about cookies, it is sour gummy worms and a nice glass of cabernet that I’m jonesing for.  I thought I would have a lot of withdrawal symptoms, like headaches, etc., but the only thing I’ve really noticed is that I just want it and feel panicked that I can’t have it.  On the other hand, I’ve noticed a leveling out of mood swings and lessened irritability.  Crap.  That means this is actually good for me.

I’ve been reading a book about sugar addiction because I need something in my hands; and since it can’t be candy wrappers or a stemless wine glass, a book was my next best option.  It’s called Potatoes Not Prozac by Kathleen DesMaisons.  Scary stuff.  Sugar and alcohol turn on the same brain receptors as drugs.  Namely it screws with serotonin and beta-endorphin and leads to adrenal fatigue.  The spikes in blood sugar and the severe crashing aren’t so great either.  And apparently, if one is a sugar addict, it is pretty much the same as being a drug addict.  Once you have it, you want more and more and think you can’t live without it but can never achieve the same high as when you started.  Here is a small list of the side-effects associated with the problem: impulse control issues, depression, reactive tendencies, flying off the handle, low pain tolerance, low self-esteem, hopelessness, inability to cope with life stress, explosive diarrhea, sudden death, acute swearing.  Okay, maybe those last few weren’t on the list.

The good news is that I’m running again.  Little life lesson for everyone….Do NOT gleefully exclaim to your trainer that you are running again!  The reaction I initially got, I interpreted as complete disinterest.  Little did I know the evil diabolical plans forming in his head.  So after leg presses, glut presses, hamstring curls, inner and out thigh machine and quad exercises he instructs me to follow him.  So I do and we ended up at the indoor track.  Whatever, I think, I’ve lunged around the track before after doing all these leg exercises, I got this.  So I lunge around the track.  Then he says, “Now turn around and run the track”  What!?  “I hate you!” I say.  Then I run.  “Now turn around and lunge the track again.”  Um, what?  That’s right, I had to lunge the whole damn thing again.  AND THEN RUN IT AGAIN!  Today he just had me straight up lunge it twice around.  Sick and twisted, that is what trainers are.

In class we are learning about hardy organizations as opposed to hardy individuals.   Hardy organizations display a climate, culture and structure that are capable of turning potential adversity into opportunity.  They have values of cooperation, credibility and creativity.  Theoretically, a hardy organization will eventually be comprised of hardy individuals because the hiring, firing, promoting and training functions will support such and eventually lead to a workforce of hardy people.  I think this sounds great, but in real life I think there are a lot of things both organizationally and individually that can mess with the concept.  But, this is good to know about and be aware of when diagnosing issues and forming strategy.  Also, I’ve become a little conceited with labeling people who are displaying non-hardy attributes.  Like the other day, something bad happened and I was all like “Oh yeah, they are isolating and treating this as catastrophic.”  That is just rude, and I’m not ashamed to call myself out.  What I needed to do instead was offer social support since that is one of the hardi-coping mechanisms.  I eventually did just that, but only after feeling like I held the grand secret to the universe for one moment.  Knowledge is power, people.




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10 07 2011

Way to go Alissa, I admire you!

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