Packing Heat

19 07 2011

Last night I spread out my borrowed gear on the floor to show the family.  My son wondered if I would get to play Words With Friends at base camp since I have a solar powered iPhone charger. I told him very sternly I didn’t think that was the point of the whole journey, while secretly giving him a high-five for thinking such a great thought.   MR suggested that I pack all my clothes now and then he would get up in the middle of the night and re-pack for me.  This stems from a trip we took to Australia and New Zealand where at each airport we went to, the baggage handlers had to put yellow caution tape all over my suitcases because they were so heavy.  And also every camping trip we take, the car is so loaded that other family members suggest renting a U-Haul instead.  I asked him if he knew the going rate for a Sherpa to haul my stuff for me, which he pretended to ignore.  Instead he said, “Get over here and practice lighting this SOB so you don’t explode your face on the mountain.” Maybe between the bear spray and fuel canisters, I can MacGyver a jet pack and fly to the top of the mountain.  Obviously, I’m real handy that way.




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