20 07 2011

Now that I’m nearing the end of my journey, I thought it would be appropriate to list some of the numbers behind the process.  Here goes:

93        number of times I’ve worked out since March 27

80        moments of doubt

50        number of times I’ve tried to compare myself to other classmates

            and felt like the weakest member

46        panic attacks while running

25        times I’ve tripped over gym equipment

16        fat pounds lost

15        times I’ve looked at Mt. Adams blogs about climbing

15        times I’ve said “Yep, I’m dead.”

10        number of times I’ve had to physically remove myself from being near

            sugar for my own safety

10        muscle pounds gained

10        times people have caught me walking with my head down because I’m

            fascinated with watching my weird new leg muscles

10        number of blog posts that I’ve looked forward to

10        number of times I’ve consciously used hardi-coping techniques

8         trips to REI

8          treatments for hip

5          times I’ve done way more physically than I ever thought I could

5          number of miles I can now easily run

4          family members who’ve expressed concern for my safety

3          books read on leadership

3X       the weight I can now lift compared to day one

3          programs I’ve watched on stress and mountain climbing

3          times MR has laughed when I tried to show him my muscles

3          times MR has said “You lost your butt but at least your face doesn’t

            look like Skeletor.”

3          number of times I’ve reminded him I’m not a Kardashian

3          number of times I’ve been fitted for a bike

3          number of papers written on resiliency and hardi-coping

3          number of times I’ve realized that resiliency training will change my


2          number of times I’ve been fitted correctly for a bike

1          family member who believes wholeheartedly that I can do this

1          family member who still enjoys making fun of my adventure

1          book read about the dangers of sugar addiction

1          number of times I’ve thought I could still back out

1          number of times I’ve worried I will be the teammate most likely to be

            eaten in an emergency

0          number of miles I could run before this journey

0          number of negative experiences




3 responses

21 07 2011
Keri Dupey (Of Course)

Yay! What an accomplishment, and it’s even over yet! You’re gonna feel amazing after this!!!

…makes me want to get a personal trainer, but one like Bob – not Jillian. 😉

21 07 2011

This list is awesome. I’m so excited for you!

22 07 2011
Carol King

You got the numbers wrong . . . unless I’m the one family member that believes wholeheartedly that you can do this! Well, kinda family:-) You can, and will, do whatever the Hell it is you want to do in this life and I am proud of you for every road you take.

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