Summit Fever

28 07 2011

Well the day is finally here. Or almost here. We leave at 6:15 tomorrow for Mount Adams. It feels weird, I don’t know what I’m expecting and I think I should probably be scared, but I’m more ambivalent than anything.

I haven’t been able to train at all this week which is very frustrating, but perhaps that will be a good thing. Starving the body of what it has been used to and then reintroducing it at about 100 times the normal may be just the ticket. I told MR to expect a call. What I didn’t tell him was that it would probably be an EMT reporting that I was near the top and refusing to move another inch, up or down.

Somehow I’ve lost another 6 pounds these last two weeks. I think that is due to my fear of being the “chosen one” should something go horribly wrong and everyone is lost and starving on the mountain. Of priority is letting everyone know about my saw blade and then acting crazy enough to scare people into believing I will use it.

That’s it for now. Thanks for hanging out with me these last few months and reading all my ridiculous posts. I will post pictures and maybe video in the next few days! Who knows, I could even make it onto AFV for stupidest person ever to climb a mountain…..




One response

29 07 2011
Carol King

You are without a doubt, my new hero. You inspire me. You make me laugh. And now, you make me cry with pride at being your friend.

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